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NRM Mobiliser Basajja Mivule acquires Gun for protection against Opposition supporters

Basajja Mivule displays pistol in the waist

Kampala- Political commentator and controversial NRM supporters Basajja Mivule has  acquired a gun.

A video shared on Facebook shows the old man waling with a pistol in the waist , specifically displayed to be seen by viewers.

Basajja Mivule was once an opposition before he joined Museveni's National Resistance Movement , has since crossing the line had a verbal war with opposition supporters who feel he betrayed them.

He was arrested by a unit under Uganda police force called CMI on charges of promoting sectarianism earlier this year.

Mivule's arrest however was like a turning point which sparked all the incoming. he came out of detention very bitter alleging that no opposition candidate or supporters stood with him in the trying moment.

For that reason he decided to Join NRM, which he declared in a press conference few days later. 

He has since  become one of the key Museveni mobilisers on social media.

Now, this video with a pistol in the waist, is like a warning to opposition supporters that he has enough security and they shouldn't temper with him.

How ever , in Uganda gun licences are legally provided to individuals upon request and fulfilling requirements. Though we are not certain how mivule acquired his.