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How long does Yanwen shipping take to US

China Ship on water (Photo /Courtesy)

You have ordered mail through the yanwen service in the United States and you are interested in how long you will wait for delivery, we are here to answer you.

Shipments from China via this service are usually waited for 4-20 days and there is no reason to worry if the shipment is a little late, as this is one of the most popular post offices in China and they are very busy.

Due to the new coronavirus, some airlines that transport shipments from the United States to China, but also in the opposite direction, have temporarily stopped their flights, so the citizens of the region receive the goods they ordered online with a delay.

Buying products from China online through the Ali Express and Alibaba sites is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, so due to the stopped air traffic these days, many are wondering if they will get what they ordered.

However, as explained, this does not mean that shipments whose contents were purchased on Aliexpress will not reach the recipient.

Large e-shops have long had their branches in other parts of the world. So, even though the goods were ordered on Aliexpres, it does not mean that they “come” from China.

As the corona virus subsides, we expect that deliveries from China will normalize and that packages will arrive in 7 days, as it used to be.

Most sellers offer their customers several delivery method options, and one of them is AliExpress standard delivery. 

If you choose this method of delivery, then the seller from whom you bought the product will send the package to AliExpress delivery center, and from there your delivery will be sent to your location using one of the logistics providers with which AliEspress has a partnership. 

These logistics providers are different post offices in countries and delivery companies that offer their delivery services to get your order on time. 

Currently. In addition to these providers, there are "Singapore Post", "DHL", "Posti Finland", "Correis" and others. 

The biggest advantage of this delivery method is that in most cases your product will be delivered free of charge, and you can usually follow the delivery process using the code provided by the seller.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Delivery time mainly depends on the delivery method used to ship your product and where you live. Since most of AliExpress's sellers are located in Asia, it will take a little more time for deliveries to reach other continents. 

Usually the delivery time is displayed on the product page under the Delivery method menu, which is exactly correct in most cases, if you have chosen the right country at the top of the page. But there can always be delays due to various holidays or other reasons.

Why can't I get free shipping?

As with delivery locations, the cost of delivery and services used to deliver products depends on the product vendor, as AliExpress generally only provides a delivery platform to both buyers and sellers. Therefore, if the seller does not offer you free delivery, you must contact the seller directly and inquire about it.