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Introducing Kenoma Kids Tv, a new entertainment channel for your children

Kenom Kids Tv

KenomaKidsTv's contents are created in 3D animation and songs in order to make learning more creative, fun and attractive for young Children all over the world. 

It features two main characters, KK (female) and BB (male), who are siblings and their thirst for knowledge about African culture and tradition, children abilities and the beautiful things around them.

KenomaKidsTv offers just the right appetite of creative Kids Contents to teach Children around the world through Nursery Rhymes, that also appeal to the desires of parents for their children.

KenomaKidsTv uses stories from the rich cultural heritage in Africa to compose Nursery Rhymes and happy value contents for young Children around the world to have fun with while learning.

subscribe to the channel on youtube via Kenomakidstv or visit the link https://www.youtube.com/c/kenomakidstv/