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LinkApp Review , Uganda's new Facebook

LinkApp Uganda
THE FAST OBSERVER TECH | The new social media application LinkApp is soon to become Uganda's Facebook.

Amidst social media shutdown, internet limitation and media censorship in Uganda, a new social application is out and becoming very popular among internet users in the country.

Since it's first announcement this week, LinkApp has attracted hundreds of new users with a very high increase in downloads on the android play-store.

One would ask himself, Why are people interested in the application? -the most obvious answer is that the application was developed with ability to by-pass the social media (OTT) tax. so all Ugandans who feel it's expensive to use vpns have chosen the app. 

And also we should not forget that many Ugandans who didn't download VPNs before internet shutdown, we lockedout so this app comes like a saviour.

I personally have tested LinkApp on my Vivo, and it is surely perfect. it has almost all features on Facebook, from creating account, pages, groups, posting, hashtags, chatting with friends . among others.