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Rita Chika Ebigbagha, Rixari Skin Secrets

Mrs Rita Chika Ebigbagha founded Rixari Skin Secrets in 2015 out of deep passion and flair for beautiful skin. 

The ability to identify skin challenges and proffer solution to achieve smooth healthy glowing skin was an inate quality discovered when she was very young. 

In her adolescent ages, she was prone to severe acne therefore she developed special solution for acne/pimples this necessitated the need to build a career in Skincare. She further developed various solutions to take care of several skin challenges for skin of color like Sunburns, Facial Redness, Dark spots, Syringoma, etc with locally sourced materials.

Being a graduate of Agricultural Economics she used her knowledge in converting her natural gifts to the benefit of mankind. At first it started as free consultation and recommendation of home made solutions until she graduated from the University.

After graduation with one of the best results in Agricultural Economics, Mrs Rita went to several institutes of cosmetology, esthetics, mesotherapy, laser technology both local and mostly international to improve her talents, to develop special secret formulae to resolve all skin challenges for people of color.

She has developed healthy solutions for Acne, bleached skin, Sunburn, Dark Knuckles, uneven skin color, warts, Syringoma, and many other skin challenges. She has also developed solutions for skin toning to various shades without negative effects to the epidemic.

Rita branded her products as Rixari Skin Secrets and it is registered as a trade name with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

In the new world of ellegance, glamour, radiance and comfort in ones own skin,RIXARI SKIN CARE PRODUCTS are the best. 

The products treat, maintain, improve and add glow to skin of color. The products are made from local natural ingredients that take care of all skin challenges and give that desired skin tone and flawless radiant skin.

Her products range from healthy lightening creams, glowing creams, dark spot remover, acne removal and prevention, dark armpit and dark knuckle eliminator, wonder face mask, special oils, redness removal, products that are enriched with vital vitamins, moisturizers, anti aging creams, toners, cleansers, soaps, etc.

Rixari Skin Secrets also renders professional services like Spa services, body polishing and exfoliating, laser stretch mark removal, warts remover, etc... at their office. 

Rixari Skin Secrets is committed to bringing hope and confidence to people of color no matter the skin type, tone or texture and condition. With Rixari Skin Secrets, no skin is a write off.Visit #Rixariskinsecrets on Instagram or Whatsapp 08035860103 for all enquiries, free consultation and to place order.