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Review | List of Best and Trusted Bitcoin Mixers (Tumblers) 2021

bitcoin mixer/ tumbler

A lot think that Bitcoin is anonymous. No! It's not, it's only pseudonymous. Every bit of Bitcoin transactions can be traced thus, all points of exchange between parties can be investigated with the help of blockchain analysis tools. 

The blockchain (also known as Distributed Ledger Technology, DLT) on which Bitcoin was built allows all Bitcoin activities to be recorded and easily accessible to the public. Some people don’t like this idea and Bitcoin tumblers help make their wish of leaving a clean trace after each transaction possible.

What are Bitcoin Tumblers or Bitcoin Mixers

Bitcoin tumblers (also known as Bitcoin mixers) is a service that disrupts the connection between a bitcoin wallet address that is sending Bitcoin (source) and an address receiving Bitcoin (destination). They do this at a low transaction fee, making you practically anonymous, therefore, with a bitcoin tumbler, you can make bitcoin origin obscure, and thus, ill-gotten bitcoin can be made clean. There's no law that bans the use of Bitcoin tumblers so it's not illegal.

There are a lot of Bitcoin mixer websites and applications across the globe and one must be careful on which to trade on as not all are safe and secure to trade on. Some reliable Bitcoin tumblers are:


Naughty Juice is the best bitcoin tumblers. They have enough resources to manage a large number of transactions. They request little or no necessary personal information and don't store any users' information thus, increasing user privacy. They have a user-friendly interface platform and they charge minimum fees. There's a fee calculator tool on the platform that helps you know the exact fee you'll be paying for a transaction at a go. A lot of users attest to the great experience of smooth, fast transactions on the platform. The range of bitcoin accepted is 0.005 to 1000 BTC.
Clearnet addresswww.naughtyjuice.c1.biz/Bitcoin%20mixer.html
Onion addressnaughtyjuice.c1.biz/Bitcoin%20mixer.html
Fee:  0.5% 
Minimum: 0.005 BTC