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FDC’s Ssemujju blames Bobi Wine for his Failure

Kiira municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda of the Forum for Democratic Change has imposed his blame on the National Unity Platform party and its leader Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert whom he say downplayed his bid for speaker.

Ssemuju Nganda Ibrahim

Speaking at the NTV morning show, Ssemujju said that he wrote to NUP regarding his political aspiration but didn’t get a response.

“Bobi Kyagulanyi convened a meeting of NUP members on Sunday and told them to vote Rebecca Kadaga,” Says Hon. Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju.

Below is the entire extract;

Some times people pursue personal interest and begin rationalizing even the most stupid things they have done. You can’t tell me that I Ssemujju, need a meeting to convince Opposition MPs to vote me into Speakership.

If there’s any position and the Opposition is not offering a candidate and I am still breathing, if I qualify I will go. For me this is struggling for freedom. Nobody should be mistaken that I lost, I did not lose, I am very happy. It’s my colleagues who are now mourning.

I wrote to everyone NUP MP, I even wrote to the NUP President Bobi wine and asked to meet him at his convenience but he did not. Instead, he convened a meeting of NUP members on Sunday and told them to vote Rt Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga

If NUP tells me that they are not going to work with NRM again and then apologise for abandoning the opposition even when we were grouped and sat together, if they take it as a learning lesson, then we will work together if I’m given an opportunity.