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Meet KingYc, "Bussabag" his journey from 2018 to date



Fusing infectious hooks with hard-hitting hip-hop bars, KingYc is an emerging rap artist from Mississippi currently making waves globally. 

He first rose to prominence back in 2018 when he became a viral sensation off the back of his track “Bussabag”. Thousands of fans flocked online to create videos of themselves dancing to the song and he has since accumulated over 300’000 followers on Instagram alone. 

Bold, daring and impossible to ignore — here’s one artist that’s impossible to put in a box. His style is dazzlingly unique, bringing club bangers that brimming with personality. 

He’s highly versatile, blending together a flurry of different styles. From hyped up come up tunes to heavy-hitting hip-hop anthems, there's something for everyone to enjoy in KingYc’s ever growing collection of timeless tracks.

KingYc first made his mark back in 2016 with his debut single “Lights On”. The laid back, feel-good anthem cemented him as a force to be reckoned with in the wider music industry.

 It’s simply overloaded with personality, as well as snappy punchline and smart, relatable lyricism. Next he released his first EP “1 Day”, a release that takes us through his inspiring life journey to become a well-known rapper. 

The four track record showcases his versatile skills and ability to flow over a range of styles. Then there’ “Bussabag”, his first viral hit club banger that has amassed over 600’000 streams worldwide. 

He’s currently sitting on his debut full-length album “Differences”. The name originates from his style which he notes is different from every other artist out there at the moment. He’s been building his fanbase from the ground up for years leading up to this release. No label. Just KingYc steady on his grind to be the best he can be.