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Meet Kuwaiti's top fashion stylist 'HANNAH ALDULAIMI'

Hannah  Aldulaimi - Kuwaiti fashion stylist

Hannah Albulaimi is a Kuwaiti British fashion stylist born 18th November 1985 in Kuwaiti.

The figure is obsessed with fashion and takes it as something that has nothing next to it. She has had so much love  for fashion and styling since childhood and that's what keeps her going.

"I loved showcasing it in front of people and was often complimented for it, so I thought of helping other people with their style and possibly allow them to find their own sense of style as well" Hannah said.

Hannah's art of style is painted allover her in pictures , visiting her Instagram account @hdelaimi and just opening it for the first time gives you a feel of fashion and you don't have to ask what she does.

From designer clothes, jackets, t-shirts, dresses , sneakers , jumpers to female hand bags and all that is involved in fashion and styling is all she posts on her gram .

Hannah has always appreciated Everyone from her family, friends, clients, and followers who have believed in her and sent any form of encouragement her way, saying it's also another reason she's standing.

"A lot of people on Instagram have told me that I have inspired them or inspired their choices, while others told me they appreciated how I expressed myself really well through my photo documentation of my outfits." She added.