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Taiwanese Immigrant in Australia seeks justice after losing upto $60m, family in divorce scandal

Taiwanese Immigrant in Australia - Jack Chao

Taiwanese Immigrant to Australia 'Jack Chao' alleges to have lost at-least sixty million US dollars ($60m) in a divorce scandal which involved his former wife , Australian  police and  the Judiciary.

Jack says in November 2001 his ex-wife filled an application of divorce in court in which she asked to be given a share of 75% of his wealth including a multi million Jewelry business in Sydney Australia.

Jack says the court ruled the case quickly before even hearing his actual side of the story , giving the woman 75% of his wealth and ordering the children to go with her.

"On November 5, 2001, before my ex-wife attempted to grab 75% of wealth, I had not hit her, I had not scolded her, I had not bullied her and I had not abused her , she applied to the court to grab our family's 75% of wealth. And to everyone’s surprise, the court accepted her request and allowed her without  going through the normal “Husband and wife separation" process." He said 

"She can legally grab 75% of my huge wealth and took my two children" Jack added.

Jack also alleges that his ex-wife caused the death of his mother. 

When the lawsuit was in progress, Jack asked his solicitor to allow his two children to attend the court and let the judge ask them about the family's daily routine and interaction between his ex-wife and him in order to confirm that everything he said is true! But his solicitor told him that the court thinks that the children (7 and 5 years old) are too young to be witnesses in court. 

Jack now seeks help to gain access to his two children , and setup a fair court hearing for the divorce case .

"It has grammatical errors but bare with it, as we want you to get it from him own writing."

Let’s assume a situation: When my ex-wife applied to court in order to grab 75% of our huge wealth that time. If the court immediately returned her application, and asked her to complete the every single step in accordance with the due process of the divorce’s rule. We maybe still have a whole and happy family from that time to today? Of course, it already cannot be proved now!

Especially that night, we did not fight or quarrel and I and my two children were busy on catching up their pet mice which ran out from their cage. My ex-wife pressed the alarm in our house to harass the security company. The security guard called police to come to my home. My ex-wife used the fake evidences to the lawsuit and tried to grab my huge wealth and two children. Her behave shocked all the relatives and friends! Also shocked her Christian church! Her priest and church members tried to do their best that rescue our family to be still united together and ask her not to do such unmoral behavior that violates human conscience! If the Australian court used the due process with the fairness and justice that time, they certainly refused to accept the ridiculous lawsuit of my ex-wife's "robbing my huge wealth". Our family would be together and harmonious and there also would be no family tragedy eight months later.

The most important thing is: Whether it was my ex-wife and me had reconciled and kept the marriage and family? Or we still choice the divorce at that time? If it was going without external judicial persecuting me and maliciously bully me, the result would definitely complete the final choice reasonably and equitably! What is certain thing that was the family tragedy between my ex-wife and me would not happen!

2. On June 21, 2002, my ex-wife and I had an "injury incident". My ex-wife's statement to police was "empty" in her brain mind at that most important and key moment. So for the incident, she only said that she asked me to clean up our home, because she wanted to sell the house we lived in, so the real estate agent would come that afternoon and evaluated the house price. I did not agree with her. Although she was applying to the Family court to rob our 75% of wealth and two children’s custody at that time, our lawsuit “divorce and dividing property” is in progress. However, our four family members are still living together and sleeping together in the master bedroom every single night. Due to this house registered under my ex-wife and my names. If she wanted to sell this house, she had to get my agreement first. So she shouted to me and argued with me. Then she said that I yelled and ran into the bedroom to get the "Fire blunt axe". From that moment, she began to drop into a dreaming. So she said that she did not remember any process that I used the "fire blunt axe" to “murder” her. She did not wake up until on the hospital way I drove her ( My car is the "Four wheel drive". I could not get her into my big car if she was unconscious). Unbelievably, I was sued the "attempt murder" by the prosecutor.

My mother-in-law lived with us at that time, and she was a witness of our incident. She said that she is sorting down the food downstairs at that time, because she and my ex-wife who just back from the supermarket. So she heard nothing and saw nothing. So she said that she was completely unclear what happened about us upstairs.

If this is a “murder” case in the daytime, but the process is so "quiet"! Victim and witness did not have the statements! When I had more than a year time on bail, I kept going to ask a "trial" from the court. I need to work all of the truth out in court! At that time, there were dozens of people who gave my "character guarantee" letters to the court, which include my ex-wife’s church priest and members, many Taiwanese association’s leaders, my staffs and relatives and friends. They were willing to testify in court! Everyone expects the prosecutor to give me a "trial", but I still did not get the trial. It was unbelievable that the prosecutor treated such a major social criminal case in this way! How can Australian rule of law be so trampled down by the prosecutor?

If the court gave a “trial court” on my case, my ex-wife and I absolutely would have given the whole details of the incident in court. (Note: my ex-wife nearly told the truth out in court when she was questioned by my barrister in her pre-trial court, but she was stopped by the judge.). Who was “the real criminal”? Who was “the real victim”? And who was “the accomplice who grabbed my huge wealth”? The truth of the incident was absolutely revealed in court immediately! In addition to the court will adjudge me "the real charges and sentences" that suits our case, this is in line with the fairness and justice of Australian judicature! Also, my two children and I would have already been able to meet and be together in 2003.

Moreover, when the incident’s truth was fully revealed in court, the Australian police and Court no longer need to take unjustified and mean persecution on me and my two children in order to cover their "ugly" crimes, and carried out more than ten years of "terror behavior” controlled my two children. And they have had spending 18 years of monitoring, harassing and persecuting my personal actions, and even harass my friends and business partners and damage their businesses! They still have not stopped so far!

Note: In March 2003, my ex-wife brought our two children to my mother’s funeral. Most probably she knew my mother was killed by her evil wayward behavior! (She tried to grab my 80-year-old mother’s living house, and my mother was under too much pressure for 8 months in the lawsuit of my ex-wife’s “grabbing her property”, and she finally fall down in the bathroom, which it happened in the a few days before that my ex-wife and my incident on June 21, 2002. Half a year later, my mother fell down in the home yard for the second time and died in the hospital soon.) Maybe my ex-wife had a little of regret on her evil and wayward behavior at that time? So after I gave her the huge amount of money she wanted and compensated her injury, she asked the prosecutor to dismiss the "family’s injury case". But the prosecutor used my ex-wife and two children's safety to threaten her and order her had to appear in court, and they used "false testimony" to do their evil behavior on me! The Australian police and prosecutor are really losing human’s moral conscience, and they can even do this kind of unbelievable and outrageous things that trample the spirit of the Australian rule of law!